Ferndale Repertory Theatre
Jan. 30-Feb. 15:
Theatre, “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks"

February 15:
Firemen's Games

March 5-7:
The Fray in Ferndale

March 8:
Foggy Bottom Milk Run


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SUNSET Magazine Features HumboldtSeptember 2014 SUNSET Magazine
Features Humboldt

“I spent the final evening of my trip 20 miles out of Eureka, in the odd but charming town of Ferndale, near the banks of the Eel River, in lush dairy lands just north of the King Range. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a place quite like Ferndale, a perfectly intact turn-of-the-20th-century village that seems to have stopped growing 100 years ago.”

Jack Mays drawing of Ferndale's Main Street
Ferndale, the Victorian Village

Voted the North Coast's Best Attraction for Visitors!

Voted the North Coast's Best Attraction for Visitors!

Best of the North Coast Reader's Choice Award

Centerville Beach named
Best Beach on the North Coast

Sunset at Centerville Beach, photo courtesy of Betty Briggs

It's just 5 miles from Ferndale's Historic Main Street to California's Magnificent Lost Coast

Fernbridge Centennial lighting of the Queen of Bridges, August 7, 2011. Photo by Dan Tubbs, used by permission.

Ferndale wins Prettiest Painted Place (small town) in the Northwest Region, 2012Ferndale Wins!

Prettiest Painted Place (small town)
in the Northwest Region 2012

“When you die it’s gonna be like this. This is what heaven looks like.”
--horse trainer Ruby Thomas, 2011

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Forbes named Ferndale one of AMERICA’S PRETTIEST TOWNS! "From its well-preserved Victorian-era main street, to its five-minute drive from California’s magnificent, undeveloped Lost Coast, Ferndale is a surprising trip back in time, with just enough modern quirkiness to make it unique."

"A genuine Victorian hamlet" (AP reporter Jennifer Marin), Ferndale has been dubbed "the best preserved Victorian village in California," by Los Angeles Times former travel editor Jerry Hulse.

This was perhaps our perfect vacation -- surrounded by a stunning natural setting from the Lost Coast to the big trees, a walkable city, excellent food at Matias', The VI, Lost Coast Cafe, Cream City Cafe, and exciting options at the Valley Grocery deli, comfortable and attractive lodging at the Redwood Suites -- and we felt like the only tourists in town.

We visited the museum and were impressed with the dioramas and the machine shop.  We even stopped by the public library, chatted with the librarian, and practiced using the Dewey Decimal System card catalogue. We also caught a kids' baseball practice during a late afternoon walk.

Whatever you folks are doing to keep all this going, please keep doing it.

Chris Kirk-Kuwaye, Hawaii, 2010

Photo courtesy of Betty BriggsNestled between the two redwood forests in a thriving dairy community, you may discover Northern California's best-kept secret, The Victorian Village of Ferndale.
Sunset magazine confirms that "you can immerse yourself in Ferndale's Victorian spirit."
Park your car to step back in time. Enjoy magnificently preserved Victorian architecture as you stroll; pick up visitor information from any shop. On the National Register of Historic Places, Ferndale's Main Street is a photographer's paradise and a shopper's delight.
Photo by Bob von Normann, FVN Corp.Explore the old-fashioned mercantiles, antique stores, art galleries, and specialty shops, hear the ringing of the blacksmith's hammer, and talk with the friendly people. Watch fresh candy being dipped by hand to whet your appetite for a fine dinner and an evening of theatre.
Resting by the fire in your elegant bed and breakfast inn, think about tomorrow: a walk along nearby coastline, a nature hike in Russ Park (the 110-acre forest bird sanctuary), a boat tour of the Eel River Delta, a visit to the museum, a tour of Fern Cottage, a leisurely day filled with old-fashioned service and friendly faces.
Photo by Bob von Normann, FVN Corp.You will find a town where the old way of life has not been compromised. The splendid buildings have been carefully restored, embellished with lovingly-tended gardens, and people take the time to smile a friendly greeting.
Photo courtesy of Betty BriggsAlthough it's been suggested that the Victorian village is a fairytale setting, Ferndale is a working, all-American town which takes pride in its beautiful community and cultural heritage.
In the late 1800s Ferndale was an agricultural and transportation center, a melting pot for Scandinavian, Swiss-Italian, and Portuguese immigrants.
The entire village is California Historical Landmark No. 883.
There's nothing stodgy in this small town, though; Ferndale loves to have fun!
Photo copyrighted by Matt KnowlesThe cradle of the wild and whacky Kinetic Sculpture Race, Ferndale continues to host the finish of this off-beat art event, now a three-day contest. The village is home to many colorful events and festivals: Foggy Bottom Milk Run, Tour of the Unknown Coast bicycle run, Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebration, the Humboldt County Fair, Bargain Lovers' Weekend, and the Christmas Lighted Tractor Parade, to name just a few.
Photo copyrighted by Matt KnowlesChristmas in Ferndale is magical. Children from the elementary school decorate Christmas trees in front of Main Street shops and members of the volunteer fire department hang more than 900 lights on a huge Sitka spruce at the end of Main Street for the lighting of America's tallest living Christmas tree (151.5 feet in 2011).

Christmas and Tractor Parade photos copyrighted by Matt Knowles of Aesthetic Design & Photography. If you would like a print please contact Matt at 707-786-4643

The Victorian Village of Ferndale, full of surprises, deserves more than a day to discover. 265 miles north of Sacramento and San Francisco, it's a beautiful drive from the major airports (Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose) or fly into the Arcata/Eureka airport in McKinleyville, 45 minutes north of Ferndale (car rentals, shuttle service available).Humboldt County Map


Photo courtesy of Ellen Briggs, Briggs Arts

From California Highway 101, take the Fernbridge/Ferndale exit. Cross historic Fernbridge and drive through five miles of pastoral views to Ferndale's Main Street.

For more information, call the send e-mail Ferndale Chamber of Commerce
(707) 786-4477

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Ferndale pressed pennies Photo courtesy of Tom Renner
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Dozen DestincNational Trust for Historic Preservation

Voted the North Coast's Best Attraction for Visitors!
Voted the North Coast's Best Attraction for Visitors!

Prettiest Painted Place in America award

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Best of the North Coast Reader's Choice Award
Centerville Beach named Best
Beach on the North Coast!

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